• Awakening in the All

    Awakening in the ALL

    Awakening in the ALL is a philosophy book on what life is like when you've awakened. It will reveal to you some things about the world we live in and what it's like once you  have awakened. Available on Amazon

  • Copywrite Advantage

    The Copywrite Advantage

    My first book on copywriting which will give you the basic information on how to construct a sales page, create  headlines and  learn secrets about writing copy you'll want to know.    Click here for a free copy

  • The Sword of Ghespi

    The Sword of Ghespi

    Faelin, the 14 year old Prince of Malsait is orphaned and forced to flee for his life. Join him on his journey from boy to man, from bachelor to husband and from the hunted to king. Available on Amazon

  • Internet Marketing Jumpstart

    IM Jumpstart

    Tips and tricks for marketing on the internet. Written some time ago, some of the data might be a little out of date, but the fundamentals are still sound as people buy for the same reasons they always have. Available on Amazon.