Helping Authors Self-Publish

Helping Authors Self-PublishWriting my fantasy book was for me a labor of love. I know my book isn’t great by any means, but it satisfied me in ways that are hard to describe. Accomplishment was certainly something I felt when I saw my book, there on Amazon, for anybody to buy. Read More

A Matter of Time (in 3 parts)

A Matter of TimeJourney back to yesteryear with Richard Wellman a tourist lost in the country. Though lost, he found his way there. There in a village that only comes to life for one day in a decade. It lies in the highland mist waiting for that day when it is life as normal for the village. Captivated by the town and the people he stays and meets Tamara. But all is not right with the village and it will remain in the mist unless Richard can locate and fix the problem. Read Part 1

The Observers (In 4 Parts)

The ObserversTwo celestial being are dispatched to earth so they can observe a person of importance. He is a wealthy bachelor about to commit suicide, but he is too important for them to let that happen. The observers assignment is to find the problem or problems and cure them. First, they must observe the subject closely, over a period of time. For this the observers can travel forward and backward in time. Jumping back to a known happy time is where they begin. Where they'll end up nobody knows for sure, but it's bound to be fun to read about. Read Part 1